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The Realm Wyrniverdon

"Imagination is The Engine Of Dreams; Without Imagination, There Is No Love." - Alison Clarke

Welcome to the realm of Wyrniverdon. This is the world where angels and fairies of colour reign. They are all part of a mystical circle that includes seraphs and fairies of colour.

Some of these images are from pieces that have been exhibited at art shows in Alberta, Canada, like the black history art show at the AGA, the African Day art show, and Art from the Unknown, an art show off Whyte Avenue. Let your imagination unfurl, the whimsy take you into different dimensions. This is the realm Wyrniverdon, so enjoy.

Many of these angels and fairies of colour will be in books two and three of my young adult series, The Sisterhood. For journeys into the world of The Sisterhood, and the world of Wyrniverdon, check out my Pinterest page under AC Clarke. There are also links at the end of this section. To experience the latest journey of the award winning series, Circle, Book Three of The Sisterhood Series, for which I won the 2016 Writer Of The Year Award by Diversity magazine, check out the links below. 


Aequitas is an angel of colour who fights for injustice. She has a mirror sister, who joins her in this cause. She is focused on fighting the forces of darkness in the universe across all space and time. As indicated by the initials on the bottom right hand corner of her cloak, she is especially concerned about injustice based on difference. This is her lifelong mission, to eradicate this type of injustice, among others, and to create harmony and acceptance of all.

Nirvinia is a fairy of colour who advocates for potential and possibility. She often works with unicorns, who also hold healing as well as other transformative powers. She is the sister of another fairy, Araignia, but this is a well kept secret, as their mother was kidnapped by a warlock because of her unique magical powers. To escape, she transformed into a swan, and flew out of the castle, making her home in a lake, which led to another world--of selkies. Merindia, mother of Nirvinia, and Araignia, then married a selkie, which led to their birth. Nirvinia and Araignia often work in unison to defeat the forces of darkness across many realms--both fairy and non-fairy.

Remember to incorporate magic and wonder into the everyday. There is beauty everywhere you look, if you pay attention. Experience every day to the fullest. Embrace yourself in joy and wonder. Choose positivity and illumination. This is the realm Wyrniverdon.

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