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About My Different Worlds

Art As A Journey

Many of these images are of pieces that have been shown in art shows at galleries and other places in Alberta, and other places in the world. Reading The Sisterhood, Book One of The Sisterhood series, and Racine, Book Two, are other ways to enter a mystical and magical world, without having to leave your house or office.

The Sisterhood is a tale that will engage children ten years and up, while also intriguing adults, and Racine is one for the dreamers twelve years of age and older. As an artist, dreaming is the engine of imagination and creativity. This is the realm Wyrniverdon, and the world of my young adult series, The Sisterhood.

Starting The Trip Fantastic

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into the realm Wyrniverdon, and will embark on the journey that is The Sisterhood, Book One Of The Sisterhood series. This mystical odyssey continues with Book Two, Racine, a tale about the power of libraries, ancestors, and the importance of discovering your beginnings. The links to both experiences of The Celestial are below. Books are the gateway to different worlds. Step onto a Path Of Wonder And Delight, become a part of The Sisterhood.

In Circle, the latest magical journey of The Sisterhood Series, you will read about many more mystical characters of colour and their stories. These women, sisters through one shared mission, are a magical, formidable force against the powers of darkness. They are unforgettable, and are no match for their unique gifts. They are a magical circle, a mystical group, forged in story across space and time

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